iotbits audiosom32 esp32 audio codec module


QuantityCost per module
1-10 pcs$25.00
10-100 pcs$23.00
100-1000 pcs$18.00
1000+ pcs$15.00 (negotiable)


AudioSOM32 is a powerful little audio System-on-Module with integrated LiPo battery management, a dual core processor, WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2 radio for battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The integrated stereo audio codec provides direct headphone drive, condenser microphone input with digital bias, stereo line-in and line-out.

The AudioSOM32 is not available for online purchase at the moment. Please contact us at for purchasing modules (we have stock!).


AudioSOM32 measures 20mm x 20mm and is built around the popular Espressif Systems WiFi/BT SIP (System-in-Package), the ESP32-PICO-D4.

The PICO-D4 integrates ESP32 SoC (dual cores @ 240MHz), complete WiFi b/g/n and BT 4.2 EDR radio, 32MBits of flash memory, precision crystal oscillator and other discrete components in a tiny LGA package.

The on-board single cell programmable LiPo charger and a 3V @1A buck regulator make up the power section of the AudioSOM32. The module can be powered directly from USB (5V) to charge a LiPo battery pack or function normally without LiPo cell.

A low power 96kHz stereo NXP audio codec with built-in DSP provides audio recording, playback and mixing capabilities.
AudioSOM32 uses a dedicated low-noise LDO for powering the codec directly from the LiPo cell, which results in exceptionally clean audio playback and recording.

Why AudioSOM32


  • Dual core, 650 DMIPS
  • 32MBit flash
  • pSRAM interface
  • SDIO SD card interface


  • 100mA – 500mA charger
  • 5V USB / LiPo operation
  • 3V (0.5A) regulated output
  • 100uA sleep mode current


  • 96kHz stereo I2S (SGTL5000)
  • Condenser mic input
  • Direct headphone drive
  • Automatic volume control


  • Support for ESP-IDF
  • ESP-ADF port available
  • Example Projects
  • Responsive E-mail support


  • Full module customization
  • Product integration help
  • PCB layout services
  • Firmware design services


  • Assured support until 2025
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Regular firmware patches
  • Critical hardware updates

Product Details


audiosom32 esp32 audio module pinout

Link to proper datasheet, reference designs and application notes will be linked in here shortly.

Block Diagram

audiosom32 esp32 audio module block diagram


  • AudioSOM32 Datasheet
    (Preliminary release, October 1, 2018)