Another ESP32 nano32 update!

So what is on with the ESP32 nano32 development board announced by Gravitech and MakerAsia a couple of weeks ago? While there are no signs of the ESP32 being available in the open market for everyone get their hands on one, the nano32 seems to be getting more and more popular lately.

So we thought it would be good to have a little update posted here about what is up with the nano32. It is definitely going to make it through, thanks to some great designing that went into it.

It is in production!

Since we wrote the previous first impressions post about the ESP32 nano32 development board when it was first released, we have come across some more posts on social media form the makers.

And guess what? The ESP32 nano32 has been in production over the past couple of weeks!

ESP32 nano32 PCBs in mass production (Photo: William Hooi)
ESP32 nano32 PCBs assembled in mass production (Photo: Panutat Jimmy Tejasen)
ESP32 nano32 mounted on a breadboard (Photo: Panutat Jimmy Tejasen)

Some more observations!

In the third picture above, you can see the nano32 seated on a breadboard. Even though it fits in well on the breadboard, there are three concerns:

  • FCC certification: For a product that integrates both the BT radio and Wi-Fi radio, things can get messed up fast when they are not FCC compliant. Will the modular designs such as those based on ESP-WROOM-32 be better compared to the ESP32 nano32 in this aspect? Highly likely!
  • Not that breadboard friendly: As you can notice, there is just one row of pins left after mounting the nano32 on the breadboard. This can make things really difficult to connect without creating a large extension (signal path), thus adding noise to the signals.
  • Chip antenna placement issue: The chip antenna is placed in such a way that when the ESP32 nano32 is mounted on to a breadboard, the antenna would be right on top of the metallic section of the breadboard. Not just that, but on a highly populated design, you may be forced to place the USB connector in an easily accessible, open space, which makes the antenna (at the opposite end), end up at the wrong place, i.e. right in the middle of densely populated electronics
    We wonder how this will affect the RF performance of ESP32.

More on the ESP32

So now that the ESP32 nano32 has been in production for a while, we can assume that it will be in markets really fast.

By then, what you can do to be ready to get started with ESP32 fast when it is available:

We now have the ESP32!

Yup, we do have the ESP32 now. Expect to see more on it very soon, especially tutorials and blogs on what the ESP32 can do. We will post more about what we have in a future post.

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