ESP32 release date announced!

ESP32 release date - finally!

Yes, it is 1st of September, 2016!

Espressif Systems finally "officially" announces the release date of the much awaited flagship ESP32 chip! Engineered for the modern IoT, the chip provides a complete solution to very complex IoT applications. Unlike the ESP8266, which was more or less intended to be a chip that offloads another main application processor and manages all the 802.11 communications, ESP32 actually takes that to the next level by achieving hundreds of DMIPS on dual cores - in almost the same form factor and accompanying components as the ESP8266!


The Tweet

Espressif Systems ESP32 release date announced

John Lee of Espressif Systems tweeted yesterday (August 20):
Release 1st Sept. In production. Do look out for it. What will you do with 650 DMIPS? *drum roll*"

And we wonder, what can you ACTUALLY do with 650 DMIPS?!
If you come from the world of AVR and 8051, the ESP32 will make you feel like a caveman!

Why ESP32 is so special

If you happened to simply stumble upon this article and are not aware of the ESP32, it is a single chip solution that integrates dual cores, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication hardware along with a ton of advanced peripherals such as hardware SDIO and I2S interface. The architecture is also very advanced - featuring stuff like interrupt matrix and multi-channel DMA, things that are unheard of unless you are a geek neck deep in ARM architecture.

The matrix design actually makes the hardware much more flexible that it could be with a simple bus design. You may come across designs like this when working with ARM920T core SoCs such as LPC313x, etc. But rest assured - ESP32 beats most ARM920T chips out there. Even though the cost has not been declared as of now, but it is only fair to expect a very affordable price tag coming from the same company that produced the ESP8266.

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