Do you believe that your idea can be the next awesome product?
We provide a complete range of services – schematic design, PCB layout, prototyping and even firmware development. Whether your design uses a little AVR chip or a beefy Cortex A8 application processor – we can help you bring your design to life!

Schematic Design

Good schematic design is the first step towards the development of a successful product. A well laid out schematic makes your design easy to debug, reliable in changing system environments and most importantly – easy to upgrade.

We take into consideration component availability, cost and manufacturability when we design the schematic for your application. Because we maintain a cache of common components, we are also able to verify that schematic blocks are fully functional before actully proceeding to PCB layout phase.

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PCB Design

Take your prototype from the breadboard to a robust and well-designed PCB (Printed Circuit Board). PCBs not just enable you to produce in large numbers, but also help utilize SMD components and reduce assembly/production time and expenses.
We use a premium version of DipTrace as our tool of preference for designing PCBs.

We lay out each and every trace manually (no autorouting!) to achieve the best PCB layout that is designed to perform. This helps us realize designs without wasting PCB space and ensuring signal integrity in high speed and RF designs.

ESP8266 and ESP32
Firmware Development

ESP8266 and ESP32 are low cost Wi-Fi enabled chips that are adequate to power most of your designs even without a host processor.

We specialize in ESP8266 and ESP32 based system design and implementation. Be it hardware interfacing requirements or purely networking projects, we are up for the challenge! We can not just design the firmware for you, but also compliment it with efficient hardware design and PCB layout to get your application up and running reliably.

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WiFi and Bluetooth Antenna Design

No longer want to use WiFi or Bluetooth “modules” in your design? The biggest hurdle in your design might be the RF section!
We know that antenna design and tuning can be an issue, especially when you are designing your own PCBs with a custom circuit and non-standard PCB stackups.

We can help design and tailor open 2.4GHz antenna designs to suit your requirements. No antenna design licensing royalties involved!

PCB Prototyping and Verification

Need a couple of PCBs assembled? Do you have a design that does not work as expected? Or would you like to have us assemble and completely test out a few proto boards for you?

We can analyze your design and inspect your prototype for everything that matters – BoM reduction, power consumption optimization, and noise management in mixed signal systems.

We do not just characterize the performance of your system, but also send you complete design notes to take your design closer to perfection.

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Expedite Design and Prototyping

The electronics industry is extremely competitive. A week could mean the difference between your product riding the wave or drowning away.

We understand the importance of developing a system quickly and efficiently. If you are in a hurry and need a design developed within a tight time frame – we have tools and resources to help you out with this. We work with our partners for rapid PCB prototyping and delivery.