We (IoTBits) have the ESP32!

Yes, it has been quite some time since the ESP32 was initially released, but we finally have our own straight from Espressif!

What have we got?

Package from Espressif! What do we have here?

Well, the guesses are that the package contains the Espressif ESP32 demo board designed by Espressif and also the ESP32 module.

We will keep you curious till we are able to get the ESP32 up and running in the background.

Our plans

We have some really awesome stuff waiting to be announced soon, such as

  • Consultancy Services
  • Premium Firmware Libraries
  • Tutorial Series
  • Hardware Development Kits

This will include feature rich ESP8266 and ESP32 dev boards (capable of awesome stuff like voice recognition/synthesis and storage, etc).

Also, we will port our SDCore library to the ESP32 environment as well, which should give you well over 20 MBytes/sec write speeds with UHS memory cards on SDIO interface.

The SDCore library has been fast enough to be able to stream 720p video in real time from SD card already with the ESP8266. Imagine what we can have on the ESP32!

Keep in touch!

If you are a hardware designer or developer willing to collaborate on some of the above mentioned projects, do drop us a message!

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