The Year of the ESP32 – New Products from Espressif!

The ESP32 has gained a lot of attention from the innovators and makers with a tinge of wireless in their ideas. New ESP32 development boards have now rolled out and Espressif has launched ESP32 into 2017 with a brilliant chain of products. And guess what? We have them all!

The hardware mentioned below is by Espressif Systems only and are not necessarily in a chronological order. The coolest comes in first!



The ESP-WROVER-KIT is a recent addition to the chain of ESP32 hardware development tools provided by Espressif Systems. The main features of the board include

  • FT2323 based JTAG debugging arrangement
  • SDIO card interface (and connector)
  • Camera interface connector
  • LCD display (no touch!)
  • DC jack for a power source other than USB
  • Support for ESP-WROOM-32 and ESP-WROVER module

We plan to have a dedicated resource page for the board here very soon: ESP-WROVER-KIT Resources, which will contains tutorials on setting the board up and flashing programs to it. To follow the announcements, please SUBSCRIBE to our blog!


New ESP32 Module - ESP-WROVER


So the folks at Espressif decided that the ESP-WROOM-32 was not good enough and there had to be something even better than that to prove what the ESP32 can actually do. And that is where the ESP-WROVER module came in. The module now embeds an

  • External 32MBit pSRAM chip
  • IPX antenna connector for adding an external antenna (first ESP32 SMD module to have this as far as we know!)

Right now, it seems like a custom SRAM by Espressif or a rebranded product from someone else. We will keep our blog updated to that. ESP-WROVER module resource page will be maintained by us with latest information and tutorials useful for getting up and started with this module. Do subscribe to get latest updates on the module and our resource page!

Just in case you are curious about the pinout and how it changed when the SRAM was added, here is the pinout for you:


The SDIO port has been led out neatly from the bottom and this module is compatible with the ESP-WROVER-KIT. What we have is version 4 and we suspect there are more versions to come before the module is released to the public. We will keep you updated over new blog posts when we have high definition images up on our ESP-WROVER Module page.

Latest ESP32 DevKitC Module


This module has been around from the days of the experimental ESP31B. But Espressif has revised this and rolled out a new one which carries an FCC certified ESP-WROOM-32 module on it. We do not plan to have a separate page on this module, but pretty much everything on the ESP32 Tutorials and Example Programs page will apply to this module.

The old DevKitC looked something like this and if you have one, it is just as good as the new one:


FCC Certified ESP-WROOM-32 Modules


The new ESP-WROOM-32 modules now ship with
FCC ID: 2AC7Z-ESPWROOM32 and other certifications on the metal shielding can of the module. This does make commercial product development a bit easier than it would otherwise be if you were to start off with the chip or a non-standard module. We do plan to use these modules in a highly integrated development board we are in the process of developing right now.

We will maintain an ESP-WROOM-32 Resources page.

More ESP-WROOM-32 Modules!

And some more boards with ESP-WROOM-32, but no certification information on this one. Probably not qualified/tested?

Nothing special about the adapter PCBs, though they are possibly the only ones around that have a vertical mounting arrangement (right angled headers).

And the chips themselves, of course!

The ESP32 QFNs and ESP8266 QFNs are what have been used in the boards so far, no noticeable silicon revision on these chips, so overall nothing special about the recent ESP32 chips. We will post on the blog when we find a new silicon revision going around.

Stay Tuned!

There is a lot more to come, follow us via Blog Subscriptions or do check back often for more!

2 thoughts on “The Year of the ESP32 – New Products from Espressif!”

  1. Hi..I am concerned about reliability of ESP32 in commercial product. Currently, I am working on prototype development. I have implemented some basic application on ESP32, no issue I found. But If I consider long term support for ESP32, I am worried about its usage in commercial product. Is it advisable to use ESP32 or I should go for other hardwares which are already developed and have good support community?

    1. You can definitely use the ESP32 in your products. The first silicon revision is out as well and you may want to use that. Always consider silicon revision history if you use new chips in your products.
      Also, if you use the Espressif IDF, then it considers silicon revisions internally. Just do not write directly to registers if they are silicon version specific.

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