You can preorder ESP32 modules now!

Yes, it is available now!

Finally, you can preorder ESP32 modules now from a reliable provider. There have been numerous listings over other websites such as Aliexpress and Taobao… but those cannot be trusted because of the fact that they are just regular sellers who expect to make the delivery before the order times out.

Preorder ESP32 from Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio has been around for quite some time and brings in some of the cool stuff that goes viral among electronics hobbyists. It seems safe enough to count on them for providing you with the ESP32 modules and not refunds!

The current price per unit is (as of 05-09-2016):
$6.95 for 1 module
$6.60 for 10 modules
$6.25 for 20 modules
$5.91 for 50 modules

This may go down, considering that the ESP32 should cost around $3. However, $7 seems good enough for the initial batches… which will be grabbed by people planning to do far more than just run blinking LED programs!


preorder esp32 module

ESP3212 module by AI-Thinker

The ESP3212 module is designed by folks over at AI-Thinker, the manufacturer of the extremely popular ESP-xx series of modules based on Espressif’s previous ESP8266.

The ESP3212 module will most probably see updates very soon. There is JTAG debugging available on the ESP32 and this has caused many current revisions to be held back as well, until JTAG is added.

The features of this module are listed on the Seeed Studio page. We will soon post a detailed review of the ESP3212 module based on the pins available on the module and what are some design shortcomings you should be aware of before mass ordering the module.

Here is the AI-Thinker page for ESP-3212 module.

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