Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with ESP32 toolchain pre-installed + ESP-IDF 2



Too much of a hassle to set up the ESP32 toolchain and start off with the brand new ESP-IDF 2?

Use our pre-configured Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (32-bit) based ESP32 development environment that already has the latest Xtensa toolchain installed. The image also has a fresh copy of ESP-IDF version 2 (as available via Espressif Github repository on 8 April, 2017).

The examples that come with ESP-IDF can be readily compiled with just 2 commands to generate the BIN files for ESP32.

NOTE: The software used is predominantly open-source. We only charge the setup fees, which helps fund the effort to bring free and open articles/tutorials for you.
To set this environment up yourself, follow our ESP32 toolchain setup tutorial.

Environment Specifications:

  • Based on the popular 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Recommended VM RAM: 2GB
  • Tested on VirtualBox v.5.1.4 (Windows 10 host machine)


  • Preconfigured and installed Xtensa ESP32 toolchain
  • Preinstalled utilities
  • Sublime Text 2 text editor for comfortable coding
  • ESP-IDF 2 preinstalled, examples ready to compile
  • FREE updates to image file

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